Thursday, June 2, 2011

Current Conserving Water Plan

With current weather conditions looking bleak it seems the spring drought conditions will stretch into summer. As of right now our homestead is not under any water restrictions, yet, it doesn't hurt to take a few precautions of our own.
Our Top Water Saving Steps
1. Reuse it: in house drain off water (from boiling eggs/pasta, from rinsing dishes, from washing veggies, etc) is placed in a reserve bucket by the door - when full, it is taken out to a garden plot for watering.
2. Refuse it: refuse to --let water run when brushing teeth, lathering soap on hands, rinsing/washing dishes, when shaving.
3. Reconsider it: reconsider the length of a shower, the fill line of the tub, how often hair is washed/shaving is done, etc.
4. Restrict it: unnecessary washing (laundry, dishes, and such), how much water we use cleaning/refilling water tanks, water gardens (we already evaluated the garden and developed a limited plan)
5. Reserve it: in gallon jars indoors, in water barrels near barn, greenhouse, backdoor; in frozen containers
6. Review it: as we go through the day we try to be conscious of our water use and the importance of it; always determining if we need to cut back further.
7. Respect it: clean, consumable water is a gift from God; prayerfully express gratitude for the fresh clean water we have.

   It's not exhaustive and it's not perfect, but it is the plan as of today. Now, I'm off for a little last trip before the summer semester starts---see you tomorrow.

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