Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Father's Day, Dads!

Well, Dads, here's your day; a time to recall the blessings and treasures life brings you through the year. Here's to the dads in my life:
Do you remember?
*tea parties (especially when they couldn't reach the sink?) and butterfly kisses
*"watercolor ponies" on the refrigerator and the wall and the hall and...
*sitting by hospital beds; work and worry over little bodies so small
*hours and hours of homework i.e. math :)
*all those driving lessons ...such patience you have (I recall a phrase I'd like a pound of that)
*hoeing rows and picking beans..gardens were an escape from the day
*monkey grease under the hood because our hands fit better than yours
*the first dance; the first dates; hours of waiting and worrying
*the graduations, walking down the isle, babies of our own...

   Happy Father's Day to the fathers in my life...see how far we've come!

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