Friday, June 24, 2011

An Old Familiar Sound

   The still quiet of night lingers around me. Fans whirl causing whisps of hair to brush my face. In the silence rest comes restlessly in the wake of extreme drought and local  wildfires; prayers are lifted in moments like these. Sleep creeps near...lightly lulling thoughts; deepening the breath.
   In an instant senses are jolted out of their slumber by intensity; thunder claps, lightning flashes rattling the room. Wait..breathe; let the calm return. There it old familiar sound...rain on the window. A day of relief has come...thank you, Lord, for this gift of rain.

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Mrs. Farmer said...

Ah, but such things are too common around here. We have had such a wet spring. The roof is leaking, so the sound of thunder isn't what wakes me, it is the sound of the drips hitting the big metal pot!

Still, the garden is doing well because of it. A little sun would be nice, though... we are getting depressed here in PA!

Mrs. Farmer