Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Treasures from Our Trip

   One of our farm girls needed to be at Leadership Lab hosted by a nearby university; not far from some great antique shops. Oh the smile that crossed my face when the farm boy suggested we hit a few shops before our drive home; yes!
   The treasures, the history, the memories stirred while strolling the nooks and crannies of every shop. So many things, so little space (and money); only a few well chosen items could come home with us. Being choosy and frugal, our selections are:
*cast iron ware: of course! Three pieces found at a great price will delightfully add to our collection. One small square pan (too cute for words), a cast iron sauce pan with lid (lids are so rare), and a deep small skillet (didn't have a deep one)- just love them.
*quilt top: there were so many I wanted but only one I could afford. Now, to finish it!
*cake pan: Raggety Ann has been a treasure in one of my girl's heart for so long- perfect for her!
*patterns: pretty thread work patterns thrifty and neat; maybe our thread work girl can use them.

   Our trip was so much fun; ending with a stop by the sweet shop (ice cream on a hot day) and a stroll through the local guitar shop (farm boy fave). All too soon life called us back..however, there is always next time.

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