Monday, June 20, 2011

What's On the Table....

   The quilts are complete, mending is done, so...what's on the table? Today the sewing table is covered with cotton prints, tracing paper, pins and plans. It's time to make some skirts!
   Clothes today lack quality as well as modesty; our solution is to make our own. We shop sales and remnant bins at our local fabric shops for quality pieces in sizes we can use. Keeping a compatible color wheel helps if pieces need to mix and match; this works really well in a "prairie/broom skirt" style.
   Today's pics are cotton fabrics (great for summer) purchased as bolt ends- several yards in a pack. We are using a simplicity pattern this time to create -below the knee- length flare skirts. My teen girls are similar in size, but different in shape..this skirt should complement both body types giving us flexibility in wardrobe. Since the pattern comes in several sizes- and my girls are teens- we should be able to make a skirt for me as well.
    Now you have it...on the table today- skirts. Look forward to an  update later in the week.

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