Monday, July 25, 2011

At the Frame.....

   In the still of the afternoon, when the dishes are done and the heat of the day is at its peak, the quilt frame calls to me. An old fan whirls beneath the table sending a gentle breeze my way as supplies are gathered around my little 'nest'. The thimble finds a comfortable resting place on one finger as needle and thread meet in the others. Time to begin.
   Time passes in the quiet while tiny stitches take form and shape adding strength and beauty to the patches and pieces before me. In wanders a teen, a moment is created as they sit nearby chatting over this and that's. Pieces of their heart unfold; dreams are shared- time becomes precious. In my mind I am reminded - gently - this moment will pass and be gone - take it gently. Business of teen life leads this one on..but, moments later another finds me and the seconds fly as once again gentle moments are shared from hearts and souls...precious little moments.
   Alone again my heart ponders the things shared and the things unsaid. Faint prayers are whispered from deep within as my hands continue their familiar task. Here and there my thoughts fly taking light in my memories of little ones at my feet- distracting my work- toy trucks and dolls scattered here and there amongst the fabric and thread. I recall foster children who stayed only a little while- how they loved to sit by me sewing- it was the only time I remember them being so quiet and so still...precious little moments long gone by.
   My husband peaks over my shoulder to see the progress of my time..always an encouraging word shared. He finds a nearby seat as ideas are shared- so many things need our attention- so much tugs our hearts. We find comfortable togetherness as a quiet moment settles around us. So precious to just 'be' together right here, right now.... a precious, tender moment.
   The farm boy vies for his attention; they head out the door together finding much to do. Again in the quiet I am there to ponder the little moments shared at the frame...precious little moments.

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