Friday, July 1, 2011

Whether to Plan a Fall Garden

   As June turns to July the time comes upon us to ponder the fall garden. With virtually no relief from the drought in our area it is hard to put our mind to plants and produce; how on earth will they make it? Could a rainy season be on the horizon for us? The weather man doesn't seem to be leaning this way at we wonder...

   Would seedlings survive..even indoors? My home lacks central air conditioning and my greenhouse is solar giving the notion for seed starting a 'not so great' notion. If the seedlings did survive..could they thrive? With no rain in sight how can I plant them in the garden beds; dry earth just doesn't seem plausible.

   One option is to simply plan to purchase plants as their transplant time nears (if they are even available then)- once again, the looming drought makes us leary of such ideas. What do we do? Fellow gardeners....what are your fall garden plans? Are the elements building concern for you as well?

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