Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to the Prairie V

Summer and The Old Stock Tank

   It is a long day; and it's hot. Dry, dusty air whips my blond braids as whips of hair cling to my sun-kissed face. Chores are done; it's too hot to ride my bike--there's nothing to do. Slipping down near the barn looking for something- anything to spark life into this day. 
   Days like this are perfect for a swim- yes, that's it! My pleas fall on my grandmother's ears, but are met with reality- we can't just run off to town for a swim. The wind deflates in my sales- now what?

   On days like this there is only one thing to do- the old stock tank! No fancy swimwear is needed- just my old shorts and a simple tank top. Off in the pasture near the side of the barn is the big round tank- over waist high when I stand in it! 
   Slipping over the high metal side, the water immediately soothe my hot tan skin. Slipping all the way in - glimmering water sparkles over my head wetting my blond summer braids. My eyes open briefly as the water causes the sun's rays to flicker - glimmering lights disappear as I surface..water slipping off my face. 
   With no one around to discourage me...I jump..splash...holler to my hearts' content! Reckless freedom gives way to giggles and squeals..this is the stuff summer days should be made of!

   Summer days swimming in the old stock tank are far behind me. Yet, when I stand at the side of my barn filling the tank that resides there my heart can't help but smile. Deep in my heart the little girl in me longs to slip over the side and slide down under the water where the sun looks like glass and the cares of the world all wash away...there in the summer and the old stock tank.

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