Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Creative in the Kitchen

the makings of a great lunch
   It was all too quite around the house yesterday; the girls' college classes started. With only the farm boy here to teach I felt rather lost and unneeded. After a whole morning of driving him nuts (he is rather independent in his study) I decided to concoct a great lunch for the two of us; but I wasn't being very successful.
   With most of the fridge now on the counter, my farm boy decided to spare me continued frustration and lend his poor mom a hand. In minutes he had pita bread and roast set aside with a set of veggies perfect to complement the idea. Let me note he had me put the rest of the refrigerator contents back :) while he pondered the perfect 'pull it all together' component.
   Canning jar in hand, he gathered this and that (as I made skeptical faces at him) for his 'final touch'. Before I knew what hit me I was sitting at the table tasting some seriously yummy good pita-roast-salad-which with the perfect 'cajun-mayo-lime sauce' dripping out the sides. Man, that boy can cook! The spicy tang of the sauce gave a zip to the crunchy salad while the garlic flavored roast added just the right bite; whole grain pita was just the right vehicle to hold it all together- yummy!

Farm boy's Spicy Mayo Sauce

1/4 cup mayo
1 heaping teaspoon cajun seasonings
juice of 1/2 a lime
10 drops Tabasco sauce

Stir it up and you're ready to go! Letting it chill in the fridge a while really enhanced the flavors.

   Just to be more creative...later that evening he added a drizzle of olive oil (to thin it just enough) creating a zippy dressing for our salad..again..yummy! Who knew a farm boy could be so creative in the kitchen?

   Our lunch was sweet..special..a nice quiet time just between the two of us. I sat there reveling in the thought of such healthy choices made by my young man...so mature it seemed sitting there by me having made such a nice lunch. As he crumpled up his napkin I asked So how was it? Did it hit the spot? His reply yep, need to finish it off with a bowl of chocolate pudding. *sigh* What can I say----hey, wait a minute....who made chocolate pudding?


dr momi said...

Bet the chocolate pudding was your job.... :-)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Apparently not- it was already made- sneaky teenagers!

Sarah E. said...

That mayo sounds so delicious :)

Thanks for sharing!!! Stopping by from FTLOB