Monday, August 22, 2011

One More Off the Frame

Farm kids & Firecrackers
   Memories of my little ones danced in my mind as my hands found their way to pull one more off the frame. Squares of 'firecrackers' from the old maid's puzzle pattern hold remnants from little girls' cowgirl dresses and farm boy's Sunday vest. These sweet leftovers found stashed away now swirl to life against soft cream fabric, reminiscent of the gallons of 'home made vanilla' my family has shared over the years. Brilliant blue fabric backing sports gentle streaks of white bringing to mind the evening sky; we sit on the old gliders together at end of day watching for the first evening star.
   Finding a quilting motif for this quilt was such a challenge; I think I polled everyone who graced my door step. Meandering stipples create billowy trails- the paths of our life - the wanderings here and there of children as they grow. My oldest helped me choose warm brown binding to frame the quilt- she says it represents boots of all sizes worn over the years and handed down along the way.
   With all the symbols and history drawn together in this crazy unique project it seemed only fitting to keep it here with us. Today this quilt will be hung in our stairway..the path to our teens' rooms..a reminder of the path we have trod together: of dresses and vests, cream and stars...silence under the night sky...of family and home. Here is a picture of life found in the simplest one more off the frame.

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