Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pretty Little Applique

   In my early attempts to make the dresden plate quilt pattern, this pretty little number came into existence. Made from scrap pieces of denim and Ann and Andy quilt fabric from a rag-edged quilt one of my teens made, this quilt hold special love for one farm girl.

   Simplyjen has always had a soft spot in her heart for the Raggedy Ann dolls; and for totes. As a little girl, this child could pack a tote like no one I've ever seen; the original 'stuff girl'. She could never leave home without at least one fully 'packed' tote- packed to overflowing! But, totes were not her only passion- rag dolls held a special place in her heart; we never left home without a few of those either.
   So to keep this special memory near to us- we memorialized it in a quilt appliqued tote bag. Needless to say--she loves it!

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