Thursday, September 15, 2011

Back to the Prairie IX


   Summer on the farm is filled with hard work, but free time can always be found- especially if your an energetic chatterbox. While one side of the basement stairs sent chills down my spine, the other side of the stairway held mystery and magic. 
    Another long hot day drags by on the prairie farm; my mind wanders and ponders what on earth to do. The top of the stairs beckons me as curiously I slip down the green a passing shiver as I think about the canning pantry corner. Instead, my little feet take me to the other side of the stairs.
   Slipping inside the little room there, my hand finds the dangling light cord easily. As darkness disappears a wondrous curiosity comes into view: the pink room. For just a moment I stand taking in the bright, bubblegum cabinets lining the walls of this unusual room. My mind wanders what is the story behind this room? who made it The mysteries call me further as one after another cabinets and drawers reveal their secrets.
   Oh, the wonder of old notions and fabric- it was a sewing room it seems. My hands test the textures of the unusual textures of the strange fabrics. I can't stand it anymore; pulling one by one from the hiding place they magically fall into place on the floor. A new scarf to keep my hair just so as we ride in our fancy car with the top down. Here is an evening gown that drapes over the shoulder and flows to the floor in cascades of billowy goodness. This one is a new purse to hold my things as I shop- and there- a table cloth just right for when company comes!
   Another cabinet catches my wonder ooh, I'll just have a little peek. Here a new treasure lies; oodles and oodles of patterns. This one and that one- a pile of my favorites. Her hair is just perfect; this dress is so pretty; culottes and summer jumpers....babies..and, what is that suppose to be? There on the floor the ladies and girls come to life...this one's a mother and here is her daughter (she is a good girl- never naughty or messy). This one is an aunt..she works in a job and wears all the coolest things. Here is a movie star with the fanciest clothes and lots of make up. Under the counter top the drawers become houses and apartments- stores full of neat things; thimbles are flowerpots and buttons are dishes. Then....
   Where has that girl gone? Awe, I hate to leave my new friends and all the pretty things: our homes and offices, the store and the restaurant we found..besides we were just about to add a new baby to the family. As my mind gets lost in the wonder of my new world .... where are you? Panic hits as I realize it's time for chores and dinner and ...oh no! What happened to this room, it's such a mess...I gotta go.
   The unusual pink room remains a mystery; I never heard the story about the strange color choice of the cabinets and drawers. No matter how I grew, year after year, the mystery and amazement at the crazy pink room lured me there to explore and discover the secrets hidden in the nooks and crannies of every cabinet and corner. Maybe this is where my love of vintage notions and patterns and fabric developed...there on the floor...on the other side of the stairs.

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