Monday, September 26, 2011

Fiber Arts Monday: WIP Update

   It's been a long weekend; hot and dry-- just plain yucky. Aside from a short visit from family, my weekend was crunch time at the quilt table. Here's how it went:

   The Fall Wreath Dresden quilt is ready for binding. Shadow stitches, cross-hatching, and tumbling leaves have been hand quilted to enhance and stabilize the applique and piecework. Maybe the binding will be my 'during the algebra lesson' project...maybe.


   Snippets and strings came together in little squares for my crumb quilt. Some hearts and random shapes; a churn dasher and a peek a boo cute and fun! Of course, the crumb quilt does tend to leave the sewing area very messy...where are the little mice to clean this mess? It worked for the Taylor of Gloucester, why not me? Can you tell I love Beatrix Potter? She was so cooky and creative.

   Here is a close up of a favorite square; the churn dasher-ish one. Bold and crazy---it fits the kids who voted this a fave.

   This one is just way too cute---funny little monkeys! Who doesn't love discovering a few misfits peeking out of the grass in their quilt? Love it.

   And then there was that other thing....our anniversary. Nineteen years, teens and tears- triumphs and laughter. Happy anniversary to us!

   Enjoy the start of your week!

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