Friday, September 30, 2011

In That Moment

   A day like any other slips into afternoon. As I make the bed, my husband and I share tidbits from the day; updates on teens and schedules, the well and the weather. During the course of this little moment of our day a plink, plink. is heard. Silence falls as we strain to hear more. Plink, plink.
   Dazed and hesitant we step through the house and gaze through the screen door. Dust swirls in tiny tornadoes across the yard as Doc lets out a warning Eeyonk! Eeeeyoonkkk! Stepping outside in the flurry of leaves gusting and swooping in a torrent of tiny droplets. Together we stand..amazed and still..soaking it all in: wind and cloud, water and leaves. Majestic and amazing.
   The working man snaps into action; with farm boy in tow chores are done quickly amidst mighty claps of thunder. In just moments the simple flutter of wind transforms into a mighty fury; thunder shakes the earth as lightning cracks and flashes.
   Now indoors, we wander from window to window assessing the sway of each tree trying to predict where it could fall. So many are dead and many possibilities. With a crack and thump a neighbor's tree uproots, fortunately missing any vital structure on their property. Lights go dark; without the usual electricity the storm takes on a power of its own..raising slight alarm, and yet....
   In that moment something takes over..a feeling you cannot explain..a sense you cannot identify. Calm flows to every inch of your moves in slow motion. In that moment priorities become so clear..the clutter of life flutters away in the winds as worries and frivolities are washed away with the rains. In that moment is a sense of unity..a bonding of each other as we stand at the mercy of that which we cannot control..a togetherness like no other. In that moment God reveals the depths of our hearts...the gentle squeeze of His Hand pushes forth the inner being. In that moment...we see how small we truly are and mighty He truly is. Life is so that moment.

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