Saturday, September 3, 2011

Scaife Family Values: Togetherness



Noun: The state of being close to another person or other people.

   Is your family close to one another? Did you grow up in a family that was? A deep desire of my heart was to raise a family that enjoyed togetherness; being close to one another. It hasn't always been easy; and even today, it's tough..yet, we strive to create those moments that draw them home.
   Togetherness in our home means sharing the load; working side by side to accomplish the needs of the homestead and sharing in the blessings it yields. Precious moments are spent along a garden row, around the kitchen counter, in a stall or coop, even at the clothesline. Working together brings quiet togetherness and opens the door for conversation- the openness sometimes needed to share something personal or profound. In this togetherness we teach one another and we learn together the strengths of one and the weakness of another- we appreciate our differences and love our complexities. Togetherness in work opens the door for togetherness in play.
   We practice the adage the family who works together, plays together and play we do! Games are an all out rambunctious event in this house; we're a competitive bunch. Sometimes it's an afternoon at a park or a day at the pool...a bike ride down a wooded trail or a night with a campfire in the back yard. Togetherness is shared as quilts line the living room floor and pillows get tossed about; popcorn is made on the stove as we share a bunched up movie=night...excellent after a tough teen day! Sometimes togetherness is found in the hard times when our strengths are tested and our patience is low.
   The togetherness of hard times has found our home is so many ways over the years. Devastation  from weather related events that destroyed our home brought us to a place of humility and hard work as we lived in a camper and rebuilt our home together- wall by wall, piece by piece (more than once). Hospitalizations and illness have drawn us to prayer and protectiveness; a time when our hearts are revealed and our relationships strengthened. Loss has drawn us ever so close showing us the treasure of each other and the power of God in a family. Whether financial or emotional, even lesser hard times try us and prove us..a family..together.
   As our children are growing, the togetherness is becoming more precious. Schedules and demands pull us this way and that making time together less frequent, yet, more meaningful; a treasure to be protected and sought after. So today, on this Labor Day weekend, when schedules are slowing just a bit..I make it a point to find togetherness. Meat is marinading, veggies are waiting to be cut, there are games set out and sweet treats to be made....I am off to be with my value togetherness.

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