Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fiber Arts Monday: A New Tip

   This week my fiber focus was on applique, fall fan applique. When working an applique piece, not all edges are, well, on the edge; some are in the center of a fabric piece. My metal clips won't be of any help in this situation, so, I move to plan 'b'- glue.
   It's no secret- I pin only when I must- and pins and applique just don't work for me. My solution to this quandary is common every day school glue. It's washable and free of dyes or colors- easily applied and very direct. I love it.

   I apply glue lightly to the fabric that needs basting. A dot does a lot, or a line or wavy stream; use what you need with out going wacky with it. Heavier fabrics need a touch more, but not so much as to saturate the piece.

   After applying a light touch of glue, I run a warm iron over the basted area to secure the pieces together. I baste a stack at a time, iron them, then work the applique...the glue holds until it is washed out later; excellent!

   Some questions I have had: Does it gum up the needle? No. Does it ruin the iron or the ironing board? No. Can I use other glues? I have used 'Tacky Glue" with success as well as clear washable school glue and even glue sticks; the glue stick work well with light fabrics. What about repositioning? No's easily moved before ironing..and after ironing, just give a light tug, the fabric comes apart and off you go. Does it stain? I haven't ever had a stain situation yet.

   So there you nifty thrifty, oh so wacky, sewing tip: glue's a good thing!