Monday, October 31, 2011

Fiber Arts Monday: Putting It Together

   This weekend the girls and I spent some time 'putting it together'. Quilt blocks are like wild puzzle pieces; they fit in so many different ways- so many beautiful options. It took us several attempts to really find the right pattern for the pieces- and it wasn't the original plan.

   The fall fans made from the Dresden pattern were quite a dilemma. I was planning to place them in rows of fans...just plain and simple. Needless to say, the girls had much more artistic plans.

   One dear girl had half-circles in mind; a full size fan of warm fall colors. I liked it- then, my husband said- oh, cool, turkeys. Well, that didn't help.

   The other creative girl in the family decided a 'broken wheel' was the perfect plan- I thought it looked like a beautiful fall sunflower or a mum. She did not agree.

   After several hours of contemplation and consideration we settled on a creative combination of the two designs. A large 'broken wheel' sets the tone in the very center of the quilt top and is surrounded by half circle fans all the way around. Lattice separates every square with nine-patches holding it all together. Soft brown print frames the scene and a deep green border will finish it.

   One sweet teen girl set the crumb blocks in order for me, however, when I started sewing them together..something went a little wonky. Let's just say the seam ripper and I spent lots of time together last night...not pleasant time...I'd rather not talk about it. Maybe it will look better for me today? One can hope.


John'aLee said...

The blocks are beautiful. It sounds like you had a good 'quilting' time with all...and that is truly what matters. I love the Dresden Plate. I've sold thousands of EZ Dresden rulers over the last 6 years. Its such a great pattern and so versatile.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you! I love the templates..and the Dresden has been a family favorite for years.
I truly do believe the time shared is so much more important than anything else,
Thanks for visiting!

Simply Scaife Family said...

I loooovvvveeeeeee the fan layout!!!!!!!!!!
-Simply Jen

Kathy @ Teaching Good Things said...


FabricsNQuilts said...

Love the crumb quilt! It will be beautiful & your time with Jack the Ripper will be soon forgotten!

Whoop Whoop!