Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fiber Arts Monday: Stitch & Miss

   It was a stitch & miss kind of week; time at the table was so hard to find. A variety of homestead projects lead me outdoors far from my hoops and frames...yet, in the end, a little time was found.

   Time for a few crumb quilt blocks was found; random bits became houses and patches..even a log cabin. It seems I'm a bit behind gathering blocks for my crumb; time to get a bit more serious about it.

   The end of day brought me to the couch for a snuggle under the hoop..stitching a few random tumbling stars on this heirloom treasure. Chosen by my oldest girl (she designed the quilting layout as well), she is eager to see time spent on this one.

   On the table today sits this sweet little swatch of fabric; baby birds under a palm tree. Time to go see what the day makes of this one. Happy stitching!

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