Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Birthday!

   Today is my Dad's birthday; I won't share his age, just that he is one wearing glasses in the picture above (ha, ha). Delicious roast dinner with a decadent chocolate cake were on the menu and gratefully shared together this past weekend.
   I wonder if he remembers cakes at the office? Crazy decorations on the truck (you know, the hideous green truck we all drove)? The year we draped everything in black and set a cauldron and headstone out? Pecan pies instead of cake? Brisket dinner..the one that sent one of us to the ER?
   What about painting and planting? No one grew more green beans than you did...picking five gallon buckets summer after summer? Muskadine jelly and fishing trips...my insane fear of the boat?
   This year remember Jen's little speech about the candles and a burn ban..the fire extinguisher and the funny acorn decorations on the cake...Remember we wished you a Happy Day...and many more!