Friday, October 7, 2011

My Messes

   As this particular week draws to and end, a few things become obvious to me; messes. Things here and there that sneak up on you...I mean, it's as if they grow when you're not looking. So today I take charge (I think), stand firm (well, maybe), and put and end to my least that's the plan.

   There's the sewing mess; snippets and strings, bits and pieces of fabric and things. The only way to tackle a sewing mess is to do some more sewing, right? Surely I can handle that, but, then there's.....

   ...the greenhouse mess; shoves and pots, tools and trifles. Our summer growing season was cut drastically short due to extreme heat and drought leaving the greenhouse out of commission. It became a place for garden implements to hide out until they were needed. If any fall planting is going to happen this mess has to be tackled soon...but, then.....

   ...there's the other thing: wood mess. Tree tops and branches are falling daily from the drought worn trees in the woods and's hard to keep up with them. The plan is to shred them in the wood chipper for garden mulch. Well, we are at least piling them up..the chipping part we're a little behind on.

   In this crazy life messes are just inevitable and I am inevitably plagued with them. From the messy fabric bin to the trees still laying across the stall area (nope, I don't want to talk about it...waiting for a healthy chainsaw..that's all I have to say about that) they happen everywhere. Some of our messes are internal and personal...yes, I have several of those to focus on, too. Today, while I work on one task and then another, I plan to focus on my internal messes as well as my external messes; meditate and pray my Lord will clean the inner me. Yes, it is a weekend to focus on a few of my messes.

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