Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Of Stalls & Stuff

    Morning dawns on the little homestead as I slip into my overalls and 'barn flops' for an afternoon clean out. The October air stirred with humidity, riling up the nasty little mosquitoes who decide to plague me while I work.

   The little herd went out into the big field to graze; tasty greens made their little tummies bulge! Soft bleats were heard as they chatted about their afternoon forage; sassy little ladies- floppy ears and all.

   Little Lyla was on hand for some fussing. She is the smallest of them all and often the loudest girl in the group.

   With rake in hand my task began. As I worked in the dusty muck curious hens gathered nearby to check my progress. There clucks and cackles lead me to wonder- approval or not?

   A few roosters expressed their opinions from the corner of the stalls; their intense crowing rang long and strong over the whole property...goodness, what a holler!

   Doc watched intently, occasionally giving a pathetic whimper...he was begging for carrots and not the least concerned about clean up. What donkey cares about the state of a stall? They just want to snack.

     I thought I'd show you the absolute only thing I use a snow shovel for. Deep south winters rarely see snow of any kind, much less enough to shovel, so our snow shovel has a new job; pooper scooper. It works. On cold days, I channel my inner snow bunny and pretend..it works for me.

   Once the muck was mucked another little project started taking shape: the kid play-scape. Our fallen pine tree cannot be used in the fire place; the sap pops and cracks it's quite hazardous. Instead, we cut it into logs and piled and stacked it for a goat playground. It isn't quite finished, but they didn't complain- they loved it just the way it was!

   Tomorrow.....cleaning the coup? Maybe...after a day off..and a cool front...maybe.


Karen said...

Oh, I love your pictures. I grew up on a small farm, and this makes me wish I still did :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you...I grew up on a big farm, but love my small little homestead. I appreciate your visit!