Friday, November 11, 2011

In the Greenhouse

   Fall in the south means dips and peaks of warm to cold temps leaving gardeners with some what of a challenge. Woods bordering our land and the presence of our own mischievous herds add even more obstacles to food production. One aid to the cause is our greenhouse.
   Our greenhouse is a solar hoop house with wooden facing, metal frame structure, and 6 mil UV resistant greenhouse film. This greenhouse came together from much prayer and cooperation; built by my little families' hands.  It has been a vital part of our homestead for around six years now and with stood hail, sheer winds and three tornadoes (of which our house suffered :)).

   Seedlings are started in the south facing side; sawhorse tables are there. Under the tables pots are stored near bins of soil.

   A small set of shelves holds supplies (spray bottles, water jugs, etc.) and tubs holding folded frost cloths. This shelf is right inside the door for easy access on those surprise frost warnings.

   A surprise treat was waiting for me when the girls and I returned home from a mission trip last year; my men had put in a concrete path down the center of the greenhouse. Little stepping stones formed from concrete and a frame...perfect!

   The farmboy and I are experimenting with SIPs (self irrigating planters) this year and have placed them in the greenhouse. They are doing such a great job! Tomatoes, zucchini squash and basil are thriving nicely.

   Just recently we started digging up the herbs and housing them in the greenhouse- extending them for a bit longer. I love to stroll through the herbs and brush my hand over them releasing their fragrant aromas..delightful.

   Late yesterday we planted one of the soil beds with various winter greens: chard, kale, spinach and lettuce mix. Hopefully there will be little sprouts popping up soon.

   The darkest of winter days no matter how grey and bleak the outdoors seems to be, in the greenhouse there is life and color; warmth and aroma-- a respite in gloomy days. Here is my quiet place when I need a moment away from the emotions and demands of day in and day out living. Here there is the hope of the greenhouse.


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