Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Just Before the Storm

   In the busy of homestead life comes a storm; a storm of busy-ness, of chaos, of weather. Yesterday was one of those days--a day for storms. But in the moments just before my feet took me walking through the tea garden to find:

Fresh spearmint so lush and green. 
My hand brushed over the plentiful leaves 
stirring their fresh clean fragrance.

Cinnamon basil's striking display
of purple seed sets 
rising from soft green foliage.
Leaning in close
the fragrance stirs thoughts
of comfort and home.

Lemon basil so light and pretty.
White seed heads invite 
tiny bees with their 
spicy citrus scent.
It makes me crave pesto pasta.

Then, striking opal basil; 
red ruffled leaves
scented with strong flavor
stirring thoughts of pizza

   There among the pruned rose stalks, tucked near the salvias and citrus, the bees danced among the basil sipping the last bits of goodness...just before the storm.

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