Wednesday, November 2, 2011

New Arrivals

   It's that time again; turkey time. Late yesterday our new babies arrived on the farm; welcomed by our farm boy. He and I have been working for days preparing the brooder. Lots of scrubbing, sweeping and setting up in preparation for our little ones.

   Upon arrival our little fluff-n-stuffs are given the 'once over' by our poultry expert (aka farm boy). Their ID numbers are checked and recorded in our record book before they are introduced to water.

    Each of their sweet little beaks are dipped in the water fountain. Once all are sipping and steady on their feet, starter crumble is placed in the brooder for them to sample.

   It's amazing how they take to sips and nibbles- scratching like pro's. For the first several hours we keep a close eye on them; checking the temp and temperament and making necessary adjustments. Our fall weather fluctuates quite a bit, so keeping the brooder a consistent temp is a challenge.

   So it begins; the adventuresome task of raising turkeys. We'll keep you posted!


dr momi said...

Why do you get them now? Early fair?

Simply Scaife Family said...

Yes, our county fair is in April.

dr momi said...

Well I guess you better get your turkeys now :-)...our fair is always Labor Day weekend.