Monday, November 14, 2011

Why I Quilt

Homespun Stars Quilt 'in progress'

   Every so often the question is asked--Why do you quilt? Well, it sure isn't for the money! So, ten reasons why I quilt.

1. I love it!
2. It's relaxing.
3. The fabric speaks to me (can you hear it?).
4. Old quilt tops need my love and attention ( I love finishing them!).
5. To keep the skills alive; handquilting is fading from us.
6. Hand made quilts are treasures to pass on to my children.
7. I love the joy it brings someone to receive (or purchase) one of my quilts!!
8. A quilt embodies warmth and memories.
9. Quilts in my home are thrifty--I love to repurpose things!
10. Every quilt I make holds pieces of my family (their handwork, fabric from their lives, etc).

   There you have it. My top ten reasons why I quilt.



Anonymous said...

ah you said it all very well!!~ smile

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you:)