Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Back to the Prairie: Woodland Wonder

   Winter days forced me to spend my days indoors far from the wild prairie I so loved. More often than not I could be found gazing out a window daydreaming of being wild and free in the great big fields that made up the farm.
   There is a big picture window in the front room of the farm house; beneath it a large stereo console. My little socked prairie feet carried me to the edge; on tip toes I peek over the top. There a magical woodland wonder waits for me.
   My favorite of holiday decorations, a little woodland scene, sits atop a gold plated mirror. Little deer, fawns with their families, play gracefully amidst snow flocked evergreens of various tiny sizes. Angelic carolers all in a row sing heavenly just off to one side. Snow and light glowing from outside the window create playful shadows over the magical scene. I gaze in wonder at the beauty of it all.
   When the season ends and the decorations are all put away, the little scene will go away; tucked in its boxes and carried down to the basement. Then I will sadly say goodby to the pretty woodland wonder...until next year.


Michelle said...

I have decorations that I hate to have to put up so soon. My living room is done like a cabin so I am still able to enjoy some of the outdoors. But I can't wait to start going camping and fishing again.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Agreed! We look forward to some spring wilderness, too.