Monday, December 26, 2011

Beautifully Handmade

   Once upon a Christmas tree there was a delicate filet angel- beautifully handmade. Fine white crochet thread intricately worked with skilled hands form the long skirt, frilled bodice and lacy wings of a heavenly vision.

   Silken floss is carefully stitched displaying delicate lashes; her mouth open wide to sing hymns of praise. Golden thread encircles her halo that sits just above her rows of loopy curls; all painstakingly made one stitch at a time.

   Today as I worked to put away all the 'this-&-thats' of the recent gatherings, the ten inch lacy angel peeked at me from her perch atop my amour. Her vision reminded me of tall trees decorated with soft white lights and golden shining balls; of snowy tree skirts and brightly wrapped gifts. She reminded me that of all the things given and received, the most precious are the ones we have that are beautifully handmade.

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Rita said...

Very pretty! Handmade things are so precious. :)