Monday, December 19, 2011

Family Traditions: Giving

   Every year we strive and struggle to keep our sweet spirit during the holiday season- it isn't easy. When our children were small, we started a tradition of giving. These simple acts of kindness for others has grown and changed over the years just like our children.
   My tiny sweet kids use to raid my change jar in the car to have something to give to the Salvation Army bell ringers when we went to the store; I loved their generous enthusiasm! They wrote letters to add to gift boxes for soldiers and missionaries, eager to give even just a kind word. 
   From goodies for neighbors and gifts for missionaries to food bank volunteering and adopting a family- gifts to children in other countries and filling food pantries at the local doesn't take a lot of looking to find simple acts of selfless love and giving. 
   Our family has grown and changed so very much this past year; thankfully their gentle giving hearts have grown with them! Today I step back and take the time to enjoy the moment as I watch my teens continue our family tradition- the tradition of giving.


Aliene said...

That is a wonderful tradition to be able to remember. I am a circle friend. Waiting for my 2nd batch.
Don't know when I will get them.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Hello, Aliene! The letters left me last month- hopefully they will be there soon.
Have a great day!