Friday, December 16, 2011

Some WIP's

   The sewing machine is a buzz with busyness today as projects of every shape and size glide over the feed dogs. 

   A little tractor quilt wall hanging is under way; decorative quilting and binding are all it needs.

The hand embroidered antique sewing machine waits for borders and backing;
a cute little wall quilt will be just right for a sewing room.

Dolls are waiting for finishing touches; their dresses are cut and stacked. Some of these little prairie girls have already found their new homes just in time for Christmas; some have yet to be adopted.

This quilt has reached the half-way point. Billions of little stitches grace the star motif - billions more are still to come. This quilt and I share time at the end of the day..but with a recent blast of 80 degree weather with 100% humidity..hand quilting has been slow.

The scrap bin fills daily with snippets and string- I think another crumb quilt might be in my future!

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