Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Back to the Prairie: Treasured Friend

   Cold winter prairies cause curious farm girls' curiosities to carry them through uncharted the basement. In general, I try to keep my distance from the big dark damp creepy basement..however, winter boredom conquered.
   In the open area of the basement, just off to one side was a roughly made wooden toy box...jackpot! Like precious treasure newly discovered I pulled each piece from hiding. Then, there amidst the trucks and games we found each other. Pitifully squished amongst such rough things her tender blue eyes met mine; we were instant friends.
   With great care I rescued her; tenderly holding her to the light. Sitting there on the cold basement floor I study her with wonder. A patchwork dress all faded and worn..'dirty blond' hair escaped her braids..slightly misshapen by no fault of her own; kindred spirits..Holly Hobby and me.
   This started our adventures together; Holly Hobby and I. We tunneled through laundry searching for fairies, shared secrets in the dark of night..and comforted each other during howling winter storms. Spring planting always made our adventures less and summertime she and I grew apart, however, we always found each other when the cold winds started to blow.
   A recent trip to an antique shop led me to her again. I stood there in the cold corner of a musty shop and stared at her with wonder. Both of us in somewhat fades clothes..dirty blond hair escaping our braids...misshapen from events beyond our control...kindred spirits once again..Holly Hobby and me.
   Tucked in my arms once again I recalled how precious she was to me; I had to bring her home. Now on my farm she sits expectantly waiting for shared secrets and hidden adventures. Waiting to once again be a little girl's treasured friend.

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