Friday, January 13, 2012

Joys for the Weekend

Ah, the joy of fresh garden greens. They're in total abundance right now! My little strolls through the bursting rows for snippets and snacks are excellent therapy.
Afternoon grazing with the ladies. We stroll to the grassy pasture and soak up the mood-lifting sunshine before winter skies return to their chilly state of grey.

Teens well enough to challenge their Dad to a game--and to pull a few practical jokes on me! My farm boy loves keeping my adrenaline pumping. Just this morning I had a plastic snake in the fridge wrapped around the coffee creamer. Yep, they're feeling better.

A project on the table. This quilt and I are spending plenty of time together since the weather took a chilled tone.

Getting ready for Sunday morning; who doesn't love cinnamon rolls?

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