Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fiber Arts Monday- WIP

   It has been a little while since I put up a Fiber Arts Monday; today seemed like a good day. Last week I mentioned the Vintage Star quilt came off the frame and is ready for binding. Warm brown cotton with a chocolate floral print was chosen by our oldest farm girl (owner and layout designer of the quilt); this weekend I managed to get it measured and cut.

   Today the binding strips are on the table; making a continuous binding strip is on the to-do list. I lay each strip right sides together at diagonal ends (like in the picture) and stitch corner to corner. Extra end is trimmed and pressed; the diagonal joining seam is less obvious and lays better on the quilt edge.

   Next we have a new 'quick-quilt' on the frame today. Holly Hobby and I are spending time together getting a quick little panel off the pile. Marked and basted this quilt now sits on the frame for my afternoon sewing hour. A quilt just like this is already listed on our Etsy shop; this one will be as well.

   In addition to these wonderful projects I have a photo of a quilt I am trying to create a pattern for (as per a customer request). Sample blocks will be put together soon so plans and prices can be discussed. At least my hands and mind have plenty to do!

   How about you...what fiber arts are on your table today?

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