Sunday, March 18, 2012

New WIP On the Table

There is a new project on the table! This beautiful vintage quilt top is our new WIP.
Delicate pink and blue stars dot the landscape of tumbling triangles and muslin sashing. Each intricate scene is beautifully hand stitched..hand stitched!

The quilt top needs one small repair to a section of flour sack triangle...otherwise it is in excellent condition. In order to make the quilt fit the client's bed, six inches of 'antiqued' muslin will be added to all four sides with a decorative blue patch in all four corners.

As of today: the backing fabric (a vintage muslin sheet) has been aged with a tea soak, side pieces are cut, the top is pressed...we are ready to get started!
The plan is: piece and press the top and back, baste the layers together and start the wonderful process of handquilting this wonderful treasure.

Time to get busy!


Clint Baker said...

So beautiful, It is hard to find people who still quilt and do a good job at it as you. God Bless!

the canned quilter said...

What a beauty. I always wonder when working on old quilts about the original women who make them and the stories behind the quilts : )