Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Of Bullets & Books

   It happens once a week: shooting sports practice. This year our farm boy is participating in a county 4H shooting sports club; learning safety, respect, and proper handing of guns. As you can see, he is doing quite well..and ...enjoying it!

   My job, as shooter's mom, is to watch, encourage, and - of course - photograph/video tape every shot. This way he can review his performance, evaluate his form, and make better adjustments for next time. However, while other shooters are up to the stands.....

   I spend a little time with books. What can I say? There's a new book in by bag and I just can't wait to get to know every single page of it!

   Oh, the pages of peppers and pots; plans and plots. There are pepper identifications and growing tips; recipes both savory and sweet. Can you tell, I am loving this book!

   While the farm boy liked the book, he was not impressed that I chose to read it during the practice...because I missed one of his rounds. Maybe I leave the book reading for another time? Well, maybe.

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dr momi said...

haha....sounds like something would do...miss the round because I was reading (or talking). Tell farm boy I think that's a super great skill to have!