Friday, March 23, 2012

Week Ending

Beautiful sunshine; low humidity and no chance of rain..perfect for lots of week ending projects.

We have a skeet shoot in the morning. Farm boy will be loading up the truck and popping off a few rounds. It will be a great morning.

There is a lot..I mean a lot of gardening to get done. Tomatoes and beans; peppers and seeds need tucked into warm garden beds. 

Tilling needs done (this is a picture from last spring). The fall/winter garden is done; greens have turned bitter in this warm weather and lettuces have begun to bolt. Daily spreading of compost and manure are in place; time to turn the soil for summer's three sister planting.

This quilt needs put on the frame. Sides and corners have been added; all the pieces are pressed and ready for layering and basting. Definitely time to get the frame up and in order.

I hope your week ending is filled with family and fun..and a little work, too.