Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Fiber Arts: WIPs and Tips

   A beautiful quilt has been waiting for me on the patiently it sat there encouraging me to get better. As my days improved the vintage quilt and I had little meetings together; a stitch here, a stitch there..just happy to be together for what ever amount of time we could manage.

   This vintage beauty was purchased in an antique store on one of my mom-n-me outings last summer. Completely hand pieced, this full size top has pastel cottons, muslin and wonderful flour sack fabrics. Starts dot ever corner of playful triangles..such whimsy and fun!

   In order to keep the beautiful piecework the focal point of the quilt, hand quilting is in the ditch..following the white muslin strips. This give both the starts and the triangles a little puff to draw the eye to them.

   Now a few tips.

   My home is open air..meaning windows and doors spend the day wide open letting in the glorious out doors..and, unfortunately, the dust. To keep my quilt work clean and neat I cover it with an old muslin scrap that was amazingly just the right size. As I work, the cover is pulled back just enough to expose the area of I am working on, keeping the rest safely protected. Before I walk away, the quilt is covered over and 'put to bed' until our next session together.

   Another handy little thing is having all your little supplies close at hand, yet not rolling onto the floor. To keep my thimble, thread and spare needles close at hand I use a small container..easy to move around, yet big enough not to misplace.

   Here's my work in progress...what are you working on today?


Clint Baker said...

I have a new writer on my blog, come check it out!

Hibiscus House said...

That is one beautiful quilt top and I know you will finish it in no time. I love your tips.

Natalie said...

What a treasure you are working on.