Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Time to Rest

   Spring planting, spring cleaning, spring hatching and might say there just isn't any time to rest; even for five minutes. What we often fail to realize is rest..whether five minutes or five necessary for our overall health and well being. We just don't function as well when we are not rested.
   Fellow blog friend The Redeemed Gardener wrote a wonderfully encouraging challenge for spiritual care and rest. Today, as I head out for surgery I not only accept his challenge to tend my spiritual care, but also extend that challenge to you.
   Please take the time today to read his post "A Challenge from Neglection" here:

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Clint Baker said...

May our Lord be with you and the surgeon! May you have a speedy recovery and use this time to grow closer to God!Amen! I had shoulder surgery this past November 7th! I will be getting to go back to work next week. I have looked at it as Paul in the jail, God trying to slow me down for a while to do His work and draw closer to Him. It has worked!
Oh, and thanks for sharing the Challenge!