Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Has He Lost His Mind?

   It was one of those days. You know the one. The one that starts with the neighbors dogs munching on one of your precious laying hens and progresses to an over flowing toilet..before chores are even started much lest breakfast made.  A day where you go to find solace in the garden only to realize sneaky little pests are running rampant and multiplying faster than you can kill them..Yes, one of those days.
   I had stomped with frustration into the house for a 'come to wisdom' moment between myself and a few gardening references when the farm kids let Doc out to graze the big pasture area. Armed with a battle plan I marched out the door to find....
    ...Doc had managed his way into the garden fence and was nipping the tops of plants here and there, calm as could be..with no shame. Loosing my composure I chased, flailed and hollered him out of the garden and into the pasture with as much anger and disgust as could be mustered. He was completely unmoved as I balked at are dead to me..what were you thinking? Standing there watching him smugly nibble and stroll I pondered..has he lost his mind?
   In the midst of this exchange a strange truck pulled up to the farm gate. A man I did not know got out and proceeded to open our gate...has HE lost his mind? You just don't open gates of farms you don't just don't.
   Before he managed the gate fully open, and before I warned him to introduce himself before entering, Doc reared up, tucked ears, and rushed the fence..kicking up rocks and snorting the whole way..reaching the gate just as the stranger managed to latch it back and beeline it to his truck. Doc stood his ground hollering and tucking ear until the truck left. Has he lost his mind?
   I had never seen anything like that before. I was dumbfounded. People come into that gate all the time to visit, buy eggs, read the meter..Doc usually announces their presence and meanders on about his business (if he knows you, he will beg for a carrot). This was just so out of his character.
   Walking toward him, I swallowed my disgust of his earlier infraction..admitted he was amazing and so smart...told him carrots would be in order soon and offered him a good rub down. He kicked up his heels, have a half-glance and a snort and sauntered off in the opposite direction..leaving me to wonder...has he lost his mind?



Becky said...

And do you wonder what the man was there for?

Simply Scaife Family said...

We often get people who are lost and do not realize the road does not go through, but is a dead end. Here in they ask directions or such..I would guess he was going to ask directions? Makes you wonder.

Becky said...

Ah - we live in a suburban neighborhood now, but when we lived out in the country we didn't often get wanderers.

J.E. Traweek said...

I am so glad God sent his Donkey to protect you! God only knows what that man was up to!
I am so glad Doc is my friend. I will not be forgetting the carrots next time I come over!