Friday, May 4, 2012

Sewing Room Saturday: Early Handwork

   Beginning stitches are often uneven and, if it shows, it can be very frustrating for the one stitching. In an attempt to keep projects progressive with their skills, I used blank canvas, tapestry needles and yarn. Tapestry needles are larger and easier to hold while the canvas provides stability and a guide for stitch length and direction.
   As comfort was attained with small blank canvas pieces (sometimes cut in cute shapes, i.e. heart, cross, star), a simple design was added. To a small square canvas a heart outline, or such, was drawn with permanent marker giving the beginner the challenge of following a design.
   Advancing on, we progressed to cross stitch cloth in a hoop. Early designs were simple shapes and sometimes their own early art work. Samplers developed from these beginning lessons..and gifts were given to grandmothers to show their heritage being passed along.

   Hankies and hand towels, small pillows and bookmarks proudly came from these days of early handwork. I still have many of my children's beginning stitches, such as this playful kitten pillow. They stir fond memories of family and fireplace, of triumphs and trials, of success and starting overs..those wonderful days of early handwork.


Anonymous said...

that is so cute...

J.E. Traweek said...

I gave all my cross-stiches away. Wish I could still do it! Good memories!! Judy