Tuesday, May 1, 2012

She and I

   The passing of her dear companion, Patch, has brought about a new companionship; she and I. These days Hadassah and I are nearly inseparable. We share morning coffee on the porch swing; she loves to lap up the last few sips.Together we stroll the long gravel drive or hang laundry on the line.
   At my side, gardens are weeded and watered..together, she and I. Troughs are replenished and hay is tossed to grazers; all things are kept in order and caught up by us. When hens get out and are facing the dangers of 'life outside the fence', Hadassah goes 'on point'. She corners the runaway, places her paw on the bird and waits for me to come get it. If it is a rowdy rooster, she places her nose on him, pinning him in place until we come.
  She and I love the new babies- watching them romp and play are favorite afternoon pastimes. Hadassah is careful guardian over such things, don't you know. The fine art of herding has become her new skill. So bold in this new endeavor, she assisted me in herding Doc (the full size donkey) back into the farm fence when he was accidentally let out. Way to go! She was amazing.
   Ever ready to join me in my task- she was absolutely at a loss when I had surgery and was in bed for a few weeks. Any time a appeared in the window, she pressed her sweet nose to the glass encouraging me to join her again soon; after all, we have so much work to do together on the farm..she and I.

   How could I resist: the cute way she jumps up and 'kisses' my cheek, the funny way she growls when she is being protective, the way she reminds me she know where the treats are stored in the barn?
And, did I mention that smile?
Now, who could resist such a companion?
It's a wonderful match..she and I.


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It really bothers me when people treat animals as if their lives are somehow inferior to those of humans. They feel pain, just like we do. They love, just like we do. They experience so many of the things we do as humans, and they complain so much less than we do. You look into their eyes and they look back into yours. My pets are my friends, not my property. There is no love lost between us.