Wednesday, June 13, 2012

As Of Today.....

As of today:
Blueberry sauce sits cooling on the counter
Alongside pickles and jam.
 Enchilada sauce simmers in the crock
While chicken roasts nearby in another one.
This quilt if off the frame;
Trimmed up nice;
Binding attached by machine..
Now waiting to be hand stitched to the back.
Farm boy is packed
Traveling to shotgun camp
Far away from home.
Hadassah and I look over the homestead
Wondering how we will manage
with out our boy.
Four days is a long time...
as of today.


Michelle said...

Sounds like a busy day. You reminded me I have to make some more blueberry syrup.

Kathleen said...

I sure wish I could eat at your house. Our lives are too busy at the moment, and our food is suffering. You inspire me to get back on track!