Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Final Push

   The quilt has taken its last turn on the frame; the end is near. Hundreds of tiny stitches have made their home among the many inches of this vintage quilt. Now a final push is needed.
A push to:
get those last rows in
pull it off the frame
square it up
bind it over
and send it to its new home.

Canning and weeding must wait til tomorrow;
Grazing and raking can't cause me sorrow.
A quilt in the frame needs my love and care;
The new home awaits its warmth and care.

Now, time to spend the day making that final push for this special quilt...because another one arrived today!


Keli Martin said...

I am hoping to learn quilting this year. I just have to finish up a few other projects first, I'm sure you know how that goes! :)

Simply Scaife Family said...

I do! The list of things I want to learn to do seems to get longer, not shorter, every day:)