Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New WIP & a Tip

   The ending of an old project brings in the beginning of a new one. The vintage stars and triangles quilt is heading to its new home, but the frame didn't stay empty for very long. Here is a new work in progress: Vintage Doilies.
   Beautiful thread work makes its home on white cotton panels framed by aqua blue sashes. Hand quilting will accentuate the lovely thread work in echo outlines while a gable stitch will give detail and form to the frame. All stitching will be done in cotton thread matching the fabric; blue for the sash and white for the squares.
   Now, tip 1:
   When basting or pinning a quilt, my fingers get absolutely shredded by the points of the pins. To relieve this little annoyance, I use an everyday kitchen spoon to catch the point and lift it up. This makes the end easy to see and easy to grasp.
   And, tip 2:
   Size is an issue when it comes to laying out a quilt- table size that is. No matter how many tables I seem to set up, there is often a little length lacking. To remedy this situation I use my ironing board.
   Good for any height, the ironing board also allows me to pin fabric in place (or pin the frame poles- they tend to roll off and slam my toes!).

   I shared my WIP...what are you working on?


Keli Martin said...

I have just finished knitting some baby bibs for my sister-in-law who is due to have a baby here in August. I am now working on crocheting a baby blanket that I hope to finish by Friday. Then it is back to crocheting some lovely flower squares for a shirt I am repurposing :D I love crafting!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Keli, you sound like a very creative and busy gal!

Keli Martin said...

I try to keep myself from being idle for too long otherwise I get into mischief LOL :P