Monday, July 23, 2012

French Toast- Unusually

   Our new layer flock just started laying. Tiny little eggs tucked in the nests bring to mind my husband's favorite 'any-time-of-day" treat: French Toast. With tasty fresh bread on hand, plenty of creamy fresh milk those eggs-- French toast was definitely on the menu, however, as it can be my tendency..I changed it up a bit.
   Instead of turning on the stove to heat the griddle (it's hot down here in the south, you know)...instead of making the same old every day French toast (that's no fun)... I decided to try something I strange and unusual..using the waffle iron. My husband's other favorite syrupy good breakfast food is, win-win, right?
   The responses:
Teen 1: No response..wasn't home from work, however, upon seeing the leftovers in the fridge and not recognizing what it was..she claimed there wasn't any thing to eat. Oh, well.
Teen 2: Said it smelled good but looked ridiculous...she ate several of them with reckless abandon.
Teen 3: No words just the sounds of chewing.
Additional teen visitor: Initially said it was interesting..ate several..loved them.
And..the husband: I received the highest comment he gives..'it's good'. When questioned further he said..'make them again.' He liked the way the 'nooks and crannies' held butter and syrup.
   So, how did we do it? Here's the recipe... (or use your standard favorite):

French Toast Waffle Style

 Six standard fresh eggs (I used 12 new layer small eggs)
1 cup fresh milk
1/4 cup brown sugar
dash of salt
12-14 slices of bread
melted butter for the waffle iron

In a low, shallow dish, whisk together eggs, milk, sugar and salt while preheating your waffle iron.
Butter the hot waffle iron, dip the bread into the egg mixture and place on waffle iron..repeating as many will fit in one time.
A few notes:
* Butter or oil the waffle iron..don't skip it..don't. Your will be sorry, trust me.
* Press your waffle iron shut..otherwise it won't make the nooks and crannies.
* Cook it like a waffle..mine has an auto timer..worked perfect.
* Larger Artisan loaves work well, too. I fit two per setting (forgot to photo it, sorry).
* This freezes well for easy breakfasts, hand snacks or speedy dinners. Keeps in fridge several days.
Yum, yum, yum...tastes great with coffee!


Lisa said...

This looks good to me! I don't care for really sweet foods in the morning because they don't sit well in the tummy. But french toast is not quite as sweet at waffles so I will be making this. Thanks for the recipe!


Edgar Sugercane said...

Man, is there anything you can't make in a waffle iron? Looks awesome!

Becky said...

I love it when you give everyone's responses.

Keli Martin said...

French toast in the waffle maker? Brilliant!

J.E. Traweek said...

That sounded sooooooooo GOOD!
Made me hungry!

Hibiscus House said...

I never thought of that before but they look so delicious!
Thanks for sharing this.