Sunday, July 29, 2012

Health and Changes: Update

   Three months have passed since my surgery to remove large cysts from my ovaries and growth from my uterus. My recent appointment did not offer the results hoped for. Six weeks after surgery a new cyst had formed and growth in my uterus had returned. Today, that cyst is a clear mass instead of a dark mass..basically the cyst is dissolved but not evacuated. As for the uterine has not grown larger, but is not gone.
   A long discussion with my doctor left me a few options to ponder:
   1. Expensive injections that would destroy the growth and cyst by 'killing the reproductive system' sending me into early menopause. A petition would have to be made to my insurance to see what they would pay. Herein, hormone therapy of some kind would be needed.
   2. Total hysterectomy which is a rough and long recovery and includes hormone therapy.
   3. Continue the treatment I am on and ramp up my diet/exercise path..give it all more time.
   4. Stop everything and wait.
   Many deep breaths and a few moments of silence led my doctor and I to the following decision: we will continue the treatment, get aggressive with the diet, maintain good exercise and wait. Looking at the options was overwhelming to say the least, but there were slight improvements. The cyst did disperse and did not get new ones were found. The growth was not growing larger.
   In retrospect I realize the pain is more tolerable that it was before surgery and days of nausea and severe headache have dwindled drastically. Energy levels are improving as the diet kicks in; exercise is getting easier each time I go. This diagnosis has not stopped me from things I would normally do (at least not very often) so giving it more time right now doesn't seem too bad.
   I admit, the first few days, I didn't want to talk about it..and was somewhat depressed over the reality of it all, but God is faithful. He has a plan for me..and a purpose for this trial. Even in this I am blessed and loved. Today, my heart and prayers go out to the many who are struggling and suffering under diagnosis much more devastating than mine. May the Lord guide their hearts and loved ones.


Becky said...

So sorry the diagnosis was not what you wanted, but as you said, it has not gotten worse, and you seem to have a very good attitude about it. I will pray for you.

Kathleen said...

What a rotten thing to have to deal with. I'm sorry for your troubles and hope that the slight improvement will become greater as the days go by. Patience is more of a virtue than we sometimes know, until we have to practice it!

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you both:)