Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fun Finds Friday: Herbal Goodness

   With this past week's herbal garden theme, I thought about writing a post on medicinal herbs in the herbal garden, however, the more I pondered it..the longer the post got to be. Many savory and tea herbs hold wonderful medicinal properties: mint settles nausea/digestion, rosemary helps a headache, sage is cleansing and helps mucus..etc. In the end, I decided to share some fun finds relating to medicinal herbal goodness.
Preparedness – Homegrown Medicinals 
   Herbal medicine is a continual learning process and I am rather new to the process. This
website has several interesting medicinal herbs and their uses.
Stinging Nettles Uses and Benefits in Nettle Tea, Beer, Juice and Chicken Feed
   Stinging nettles grow wild on our homestead; I absolutely hate them, but here is a link to some great information about the properties and uses of nettles.

Make your own herbal astringent...great for oily and acne prone skin!
   Herbal skincare is not only frugal, but much less irritating to those with sensitive skin issues. This sight has wonderful information not only about herbal skincare, but making infusions and tinctures of all kinds.
Winter Remedies from Keeper of the Home
   Another great resource, especially for young families, is found here. She combines nutrition with natural remedy, and being a mom of little ones, often directs her focus to the young mothers and younger children.

   Growing all our own medicinal herbals just doesn't seem practical, at least not right now. I am grateful for the wonderful bloggers who regularly share their wisdom, experience, and resources with the rest of us. 

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