Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fun Finds Friday: Take 2

Confession is good for the soul, therefore, this week's fun finds theme will be confessions. Here we go..this weeks fab five finds and the wicked confessions that go with them:
Pilgrim dolls pattern @ 
Are these two cute or what? O can just see them sitting by the fireplace in my grandmother's antique rocker. Confession 1: As a little girl, I wanted to grow up so I could dress and live just like the pilgrims and pioneers (I still have a weird fascination with such notions, honestly, I do). You can find the pattern on my pin here..along with several other great patterns on that sight.
Equipment review:  The James Washer.  How homesteaders wash their clothes without an electric washer.
Why just decorate like the pioneers when you can live like one? Confession 2: During hurricane Ike we lived without power for three long weeks..hand washing was a skill we were right proud to have (and when the washer goes on the fritz, I threaten to take up the washboard permanently!) *note, my husband will not let me. Check out this information here.
Crochet Turkey Coasters And Ornaments pattern 
These made me think of my nieces and nephews. Confession 3: I am crochet-challenged. There, I said it. My mother, grandmothers, and one of my daughters have the gift..girl, it skipped me! Needless to say, they won't be getting them from me..but this pattern was just too cute to pass up.
Spiral Feather quilting patterns 
Confession 4: Let's just say that machine quilting and I have not come to amicable terms with each other. Every time I make the attempt to learn this skill, I threaten to murder my sewing machine and make a bonfire of all my quilt fabric. *Note: my gracious husband soothes my hideous vengeance and brings me back to the place of hand quilting..where I am content to stay. Either way, this pattern is beautiful ..and could be done by hand, I'm sure.
home made chicken scratch 
Finally, Confession 5: when it comes to chickens..well, I have issues. They need me..they love me..they feed my soul. I can't leave the feed store without them! Like I said, issues...anyway, here is an interesting bit of information about mixing your own chicken feed. With current information regarding soy in feed, this is a must read for me.

By the way, did I mention..I just ordered some chickens..nope, not telling you how many.
That's enough Confessions for one day!

Yes, I do. 
Oh, there was that coffee thing...sorry, the kids made me share it (their favorite find!)

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