Sunday, September 9, 2012

Garden Update...

   The trees are changing; shades of green shift into yellows and reds. This weekend a gentle cool front graced our area offering relief from the intense heat and humidity. With this trend, our feet carried us to the garden beds for some much needed maintenance.
   The flocks and herds have cleaned up the empty garden areas. Now relocated to their home base, the livestock are spending these cooler days frisking about snatching grasshoppers or nibbling prunings as they cross the fence.
   The tractor came out of hibernation for a bit of tilling..not the area in the picture..that's for the critters...but the garden soil was loosened up a bit and let sit a day. We made the investment in rye seed and crimson clover for some living mulch and soil nourishing. Once those seeds were cast, hearty layers of leaves and compost were spread in an attempt to retain some moisture in these dry days.
   Seeds are being harvested from the herb garden: basils, mints and all fragrant things are loaded with tiny seeds. This is our second year harvesting seed and regrowing from primary planting..exciting to see the process at work.
   Seedlings are being cared for in the greenhouse. This week succession sets are being put in. Cole crops and leafy greens are peeking through the soil. I can hardly wait to see big heads of broccoli or majestic rows of kale and chard.
   Aside from being a bit dry and droopy, the peppers have hardly slowed down their production. Buckets of them come in daily for cleaning and sharing.
   This lovely lady and her kindred are busy working their wonders on the mess of stink bugs plaguing our tomatoes. Orb weavers are garden glad to see them making their place between the rows.
   With a good weekend of work behind us, time to focus on a few other homestead jobs..cheese is hanging in the kitchen and sewing is waiting on the table. Now, if the farm boy and I could just get Algebra done, we would be in good shape!

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Hibiscus House said...

Wonderful post, you always make it such fun and are always so busy.