Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pumpkins Instead

   Let me just be honest for a moment. It's my anniversary, predator activity has been level red this week,  and my corn husk doll making pattern/supplies were no where to be found. The projected corn husk angels post is just not happening today. Disappointing, maybe, frustrating, yest..but just keeping it real. Instead of making dolls, I ran away with my husband for an afternoon walk (far away from the crazy known as my life) and pondered other icons of fall. He said pumpkins; that man is a genius.
   From as far back as I can remember, my children and I visited a local petting farm and pumpkin patch as soon as the fall season came upon us (and, as soon as temperatures were no longer sweltering). Snapping photos of them in overalls sitting amidst the sea of orange pumpkins was so precious. We look back and deeply treasure those times.
   When it comes to traveling, this family doesn't take a trip,sir. A picnic lunch full of yummy, home baked goods will always packed for the occasion; sandwiches on home made bread, fresh fruits and veggies with drinks- a few of those standard family chocolate chip cookies, of course. When we go, we plan to spend the day; enjoy ourselves and not be in a rush.
   These days our kids are well past the petting zoo/farm/pumpkin patch days. Yet, the memories linger. Each of us treasured a different piece of the trips we made. For some, the little train ride around was the best thing, picnicking on a quilt under a tree, hand feeding the gentle beasts...or meeting a new person and sharing the day with them. Special moments, each different, each important.
   Now then...the pumpkin. Let's let our minds wander there a moment. No fall trip to the petting farm is ever complete until the pumpkins are carefully chosen and lovingly cradled all the way home. Being frugal minded fold, our pumpkins were always cleaned, cut, and cooked then set aside for wonderful recipes to enjoy throughout  the season.
   As I recall the messiest things are always the most fun..and few things are messier than cleaning a pumpkin. Scooping out the stringy, seedy insides...cutting it into pieces..baking it up in the oven. The sights, the touch, the smells...icky wonderful textures. One immediate favorite for us was toasting the pumpkin seeds into a salty goodness, they never lasted the night! Later came pumpkin breads or pumpkin muffins or pumpkin pies. It may have been hard, messy work, but, the rewards were well worth it.
   These days we grow our own pumpkins; Sugar Baby is our favorite variety. Pies and breads are still  made...even some pumpkin butter has found a place here. Dinner tonight brought laughter and longing as we talked about our yesterdays- those long ago visits to the pumpkin patch. I believe this conversation will find its way to our table again and again as we reminisce over memories made those wonderful fall days.


Heidi said...

What a great post. My son is now married, but we spent many a day at a local pumpkin patch when he was young. Every year we went on the hunt for the Great Pumpkin. Those are great memories. I can still remember his face as he grabbed up a hand full of slimy seeds and guts for the first time. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family memories with us. Have a great rest of the week.

Becky said...

Pumpkins are a favorite of mine too. I love to decorate them, and I love finding new recipes to try pumpkin in.
Happy Anniversary!

Leigh said...

Traditions like that are what truly bind a family together. They leave a legacy as well. It touches my heart now, to see my son carrying those on with his own baby daughter.

Dicky Bird said...

Those sound like nice memories. We must be kinda at the same stage in life. It sure is different, for me to think of not doing some of the things we did as a family anymore. Blessings from Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you all for joining me in my trip down memory lane (and for the anniversary wishes). I love hearing your memories, too.