Sunday, September 23, 2012

Welcome Fall: Fragrant Pine Cones

   It came and went without the faintest hint of cooler weather; the first day of fall. Despite the lack of lower temps, the beauty of the season is evident all around us: leaves transforming from summer greens to golden hues, the herd munches heartily on every green thing, night falls a bit sooner each day.

  With the change of season comes the shift in crafty goodness. In the place of bright flowers and greenery comes deep golden brown leaves and the many warm colors of gourds and acorns. Pine cones start to fall from the trees and make their way to the craft versatile and beautiful.
   In honor of fall with it's many hearty scents and textures, scented pine cones take center stage. Soothing cinnamon or clove, calming sandalwood, invigorating pine and cleansing sage are easily preserved in the many layers of the pine cone.

   Using essential oils (or the cooking oils found in the spice isle at your grocery store), drop several drops of oil- scent of your choice- onto the pine cone focusing on crevices, place the scented cones in a resealable bag and let them cure one week. Now add them to your display or decor. These make great gifts and may be used in the fireplace for a burst of scent. My girls tie a ribbon on the end and hang on in their is their favorite scent. The farm boy prefers the warmth of cinnamon and cloves..placing it on the shoe shelf of his closet. 
   For a twist on the scented cones, melt beeswax or paraffin (adding color or scent desired), dip your pine cones in- I tie a string around them to prevent us from burning our hands, let them dry on wax paper and package them neatly with some spiced cider, popcorn and a good book or movie for a cute gift basket.
   This week we focus our sights of the hope of cooler weather; of winter gardens and rustling leaves. Our senses will tingle with tantalizing aromas, spicy flavors, and the beauty of warm color. Yes, it is time to gather the garlands and welcome fall. 



Dicky Bird said...

Good ideas for pine cones. I too am looking forward to Fall. It's my favorite season. Blessings from Wisconsin.

Simply Scaife Family said...

Thank you! We love fall too, only wish it came sooner:)

Jills Home Remedies said...

What a neat idea! I would love to try this! Thanks for linking up at Natural Living Link-Up!